With love, from the valley of Kashmir

An amalgamation of cultural heritage, tradition and science – Oilori. A brand that gives health and well-being of the body a new age definition. The Kashmir Valley also known as Paradise on Earth is home to key ingredients that are sourced and used in our products. This brand presents a product range that has been vigorously well researched and developed scientifically. A brand whose focus is always on its customers and their needs. Curating a range of health care products that are made with care, nature backed scientific formulation and utmost hygienic manufacturing process.

A nature conscious brand that walks the talk of being sustainable, mindful and environmentally responsible. An animal cruelty free range which are liberated from toxins, parabens and sulphates. Oilori puts checks to carbon footprint through locally sourcing its ingredients which also supports the local community. Bringing high quality oils & health- well-being products this brand is towards spreading health awareness and provides inclusive long term solutions which are indeed a boon and a promise of nature.

Nature always has an answer

Crafted by nature

At Oilori, we strongly advocate the use of  locally-sourced ingredients, especially those sourced from our hometown, Kashmir. Our commitment aligns with the larger movement promoting sustainable and local sourcing to minimize environmental impact and boost the local economy. This philosophy aligns with the fact that local sourcing yields fresher, more sustainable, and community-supportive ingredients. Additionally, we believe that utilizing ingredients from our hometown contributes to preserving its culture, heritage and traditional values.

Science guides the way

Rooted in science

Oilori is a brand that prioritizes the use of medical evidence to support its blends. It believes in offering products that have been backed by rigorous scientific research. The brand is dedicated to ensuring that our products are safe, effective, and backed by a solid foundation of medical evidence. This allows consumers to have confidence and makes them feel good about the choices they make. Whether it's essential oils for health purposes or overall wellbeing, Oilori believes that using evidence-based ingredients is the key to achieving optimal results.