If Summer is Killing You, Resurrect the Body with Essential Oil Science

If Summer is Killing You, Resurrect the Body with Essential Oil Science

An Indian summer will run your thermometer as high as the Himalayas. 

The year 2024 is no different. Public officials are already ringing alarm bells. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has warned eastern and southern Indian state governments of a severe heat wave in May’s opening fortnight. 

Manual labourers, street vendors, and other domestic workers, whose roles are vulnerable to occupational heat stress, will require welfare strategies. Among the rest of the populace, staying indoors with a permanently humming air conditioner is the only solution despite fat electricity bills.

Sometimes, even that is not enough. Between conveyance, work hours, and domestic chores, Indian city folk are fatiguing at faster rates in the heat. All the cold lemonades and juicy watermelons do not seem to add up to a productive society. And, along with the temperatures, illnesses are also on the rise. 

The question is: Are we overlooking any lifelines?


Benefits of Revitalising Essential Oil Roll-On


The Lazarus Lifeline: Essential Oil Awakens Hot Cities

We will come to the solution eventually.

But, first, why are city folk more vulnerable to heat-related fatigue?

Cities tend to be hotter because they are urban heat islands (UHIs). The dense built environment and population creates a phenomenon where heat is absorbed and re-emitted in the vicinity, raising the temperature by a few percent above the surrounding rural areas. This heat amplification persists in nighttime as well, when rural areas typically cool down.

Air quality tends to be severely poorer, too, which eventually affects citizens even indoors.

Thus, city folk have an increased risk of accident and injury due to impaired cognitive function caused by heat-related fatigue. Even new-age biohackers and fitness enthusiasts who eat well and exercise daily are dropping their high standards in India’s shimmering sea of hot air. 

Thankfully, the wellness sector has made progress. The supporting science looks promising, too. According to several controlled trial studies, three essential oils have been observed to improve conditions of fatigue and exercise.

  • Citrus sinensis (Orange oil)
  • Mentha piperita (Peppermint oil)
  • Boswellia carterii (Frankincense oil)

These plants and their essences have been serving the common man since the ancient regimes. So, it is only natural that they continue to help our hot and bothered urban dwellers in the 21st Century. 

A Holy Trinity: Orange, Peppermint, and Frankincense

What can these three plant essences do?

Find out.

The global community of complementary therapists, sports scientists, and nutritionists have been building the relevant literature for decades.  

  1. Orange Sweetens the Lung Function Deal

Respiratory rates stabilize under aromatherapy.

In 2016, 20 physical education students inhaled spearmint and Revitalising essential oil roll-on through nebulization. These students were made to run an identical distance and then assessed for lung function using a spirometer before and after nebulization. The spirometer test displayed lung status improvements for the students after they inhaled the oils.

Revitalizing essential oil roll-on has also shown improvements in indoor air quality and mental work breaks, which are quite useful to workaholics. In 2023, 10 trained assessors from Tsinghua University 
(Beijing, China).  were subjected to controlled indoor conditions with and without sweet orange essential oil. Their heart rate variability and emotional stress levels were observed to be alleviated by the Revitalising essential oil roll-on. 

  1. Peppermint Plays up the Exercise Game

Can essential oil aromatherapy improve exercise performance? 


In 2013, twelve male students were supplemented with a daily dosage of 0.05ml of peppermint essential oil, for ten days. Their treadmill-based exercise test was assessed in terms of heat rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and spirometry parameters. These were compared to their pre-dosage test statistics. The result ascertained that peppermint essential oil improved exercise performance.

  1. Frankincense is Like Frankenstein

Frankincense is famous.

Apart from its perfume being Baby Jesus’s birthday gift, its essential oil can breathe new life into us mortals, just as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein did for his monster.

 In 2022, 40 women were randomized into two groups. The intervention group inhaled blended essential oil extracted from frankincense, thyme, orange peels, and clove bud. The placebo group inhaled an inert, odourless coconut oil. After a fortnight of administering, fatigue scores were assessed using the Multidimensional Fatigue Symptom Inventory (MFSI). The women who inhaled the essential oil blend showed considerably lower fatigue scores 

 In other words, frankincense revitalizing essential oil roll-on is an effective tool against fatigue.

Oilori’s Elephant in the Room: Focused Essences

What’s the open secret?

If you command all these essential oils in one product, you command fatigue to leave the room. 

Here at Oilori, our wellness experts make sure that we focus on specific solutions. Whether it is menstrual cramps, insomnia, or fatigue, our team of tireless researchers and product designers make sure each ingredient targets your problem with proven results. 

For example, if several ingredients have shown a precedent to solve fatigue, then using them in combination would only optimize the result. That is why our Energise Revitalising Roll-on contains all the above ingredients in addition to Pinus sylvestris (Pine Needle oil). 

In this era of responsible consumerism, we believe that slowly deconstructing aromatherapy and other complementary therapy sciences can eventually create the best results-based, and nature-based products.

So, keep rolling on!

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